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Behind the Scenes: One On One with Brandi Chastain

Our Walk the Walk America brand ambassador, Brandi Chastain, has shared with us her excitement and motivation for MoonWalkNYC 2014! Please take a moment to read what she had to say.

Walk The Walk Brings Their Iconic Overnight Marathon, The MoonWalk, To New York City

Brandi what was your favorite part of The MoonWalk 2013? What are you most excited for in The MoonWalk 2014?

I absolutely LOVED the spirit and camaraderie amongst all the walkers. And I look forward to more walkers and an even bigger presence on the streets of New York City in 2014.

Why are you participating in The MoonWalk? Is there anyone in particular that you are walking for?  

My aunt fell victim to breast cancer 2 years ago and I walked on her behalf, and luckily for us she has recovered. I am now walking in solidarity for anyone who is suffering or suffered.

How do you stay motivated to stay fit? A common theme that arises in fitness is – I don’t have enough time to fit it in! So, please do share how you fit exercise into your busy schedule?

I feel fitness is a personal journey and a personal decision to health and wellness. I believe that for me to be the best mother, wife, friend, and community servant I can be, I must take time and pay attention to my physical and mental well being.

We recently saw you on Chopped! We love your passion for cooking. Prevention is key! How do you incorporate healthy cooking into your daily life?

Everything in life for me is about balance. Cooking is a perfect example how just the right balance of ingredients can create a masterpiece on the plate.

Everyone deserves a treat now and then.  What’s your favorite cheat food?

I am in LOVE with a combination of Hagen Daas vanilla bean, caramel cone and white chocolate raspberry truffle with chopped raw almonds and milk in a large coffee mug swirled together to form the most delicious thick milkshake known to humankind.

If you could give somebody just starting to train some advice, what would it be? 

Begin slow. You don’t have to run or walk a marathon right out of the gate. Baby steps along with a variety of different activities will keep it interesting and progress will be seen. I’d also encourage people to get friends and loved ones involved. There will be times when you need support because doing anything alone can be difficult.

What do you want to say to those who have not signed up to walk yet?  

If you are teetering on whether to sign up, do it and be inspired in a way you didn’t know possible. Besides seeing onshore the most amazing cities at night, you will meet people who are impact players in the game of life.

We want to hear your stories too! Tell us why you decided to join MoonWalkNYC! Please write us to share your story on our blog at

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