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Lucy Makes Her Dream Come True At MoonWalkNYC!

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Such a simple email between friends:- ‘’Do you fancy doing a marathon around London?’’ ‘’ PS its overnight and you wear a decorated bra!!!’’ That was in October 2005 and I can honestly say it was an email that changed my life!


I embraced the 2006 MoonWalk with determination- I’d quoted 5 – 6 hours and I WOULD do it…… I crossed the line in a flood of tears (some things never change!) in 5 hrs 58 mins!!! I vowed then I WOULD do a marathon in 5 and half hours.

The next 3 Mays saw me undertake the London MoonWalk on my own, but never alone, until in 2010 I decided to push myself a little more, I undertook the Nijmegen Marches 100 miles in 4 days, with Walk the Walk behind me, making friends and pushing myself further than I dreamed I ever would, especially as in the early 1990’s I suffered from M.E. and muscle spasms in my legs often being unable to walk for 20 minutes let alone 26 miles.

In July 2010 I started to believe in myself and acknowledge that I could Powerwalk actually quite well!!

2011 and 2012 saw me add Edinburgh MoonWalks and 2012 the SunWalk to my Walk the Walk medals and then the madness began!

I started to do marathons and other distances for work related charities and then began to enter into events powerwalking them instead of running them as most competitors do, the majority of which I do in my bra t.shirts of which I now have quite a collection but each year (9 so far ) I do my ‘trademark London MoonWalk.

In 2012 I achieved my dream in front of my Mum and Dad (at the first event they saw me compete in )I completed the Chester marathon in 5 hours 25 mins!!! Crossing the line in a wash of tears, – walk the Walk was one of the 1st to congratulate me on realising a dream – and its not every day a Pink Panther is told to use you as a pacemaker!!

So new dreams and goals were born…………

2013 saw me complete the London to Brighton Challenge 100k ( 62 miles) in 1 day. Although I did this for Great Ormond Street Hospital, my son had brain surgery there at 18 months, I walked with Ali – a walk the walker and the support, encouragement ( and hugs!) from the Walk the Walk crew and Nina and Guy was amazing.

My family have been true supporters of me and my walking endeavours with my son doing the 2012 SunWalk, and my eldest daughter doing the 2013 London MoonWalk with me. Andy (my husband) has only been missing from the finish line a handful of times out of 30 plus events! He has been a volunteer at the last 3 London MoonWalks, he was my support crew in Nijmegen, on London to Brighton and the Lyke Wake Walk (40 miles across the Yorkshire moors in 1 day) which I completed with 3 fellow Nijmegen marchers, Vicky, Claire and Maureen, the memory of Andy and 4 cornetto’s appearing over the top of a hill as we approached check point 4 still makes me giggle.

Dreaming of completing a New York marathon began to become a reality with the birth of the New York MoonWalk and with Andy and Fraser ( my 15 year old son ) volunteering this would become an adventure for us all.


Normally I would have a quiet day at home with a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon, BUT this was New York! So a hop on / hop off bus, a walk around Ground Zero and the Memorial , a spot of carbing up and it was time for ‘ the boys’ to get ready. With butterflies and adrenalin kicking in coupled with a fear of being late / getting lost I decided to try and sneak on the volunteers bus – I could and how fab it was a yellow American school bus – Fraser was most impressed.

Once on Randall’s Island Andy and Fraser went to register, I found a park bench and feeling a little like Forest Gump sat in the sun! Volunteers and later fellow MoonWalkers joined me – I was glad I knew my Walk the Walk info …. Questions on events, the history, Nina and even on walking tips and me! Came thick and fast – I did laugh when I was called a professional walker!! Hopefully my answers were correct and my advice helpful????

Just after 8.30 we were allowed into the MoonWalk city – the pink tent was white , although with lighting this later turned pink, a HUGE hug from Fraser on security (he was having a ball) and I was in.

It was odd not to see familiar faces in the tent and it took me back to my early moonwalking days, but I’m happy to people watch and soak up the atmosphere, people chatted to me about London and the UK – my black taxi / yellow cab bra and union jack on my bum bag helped.

Nerves were settling until I was given a map – me maps / directions just don’t mix ( Andy always finds it amusing that I got lost following a map on a Memory walk for Alzheimer’s……. – which I was doing for a special family friend)

2014-08-14_0002A few words from Nina and her guests and then the all important minutes silence – Fraser had done this once but Andy never and having lost friends to breast cancer, having friends fighting and thankfully survivor friends we all found it emotional. The boys had both enjoyed their volunteering, the atmosphere, the friendliness and the energy – Fraser now hopes to volunteer at London 2015…….

It was strange everyone starting together but it didn’t take long to find my pace, Mile 1 sped by and with good luck hugs and kisses from ‘my boys’ I was on my way – In the words of Alica keyes I was in the ‘ concrete jungle , where dreams are made of’

I am on the whole a solitary walker so with 1 ear listening to my music and 1 ear listening to the chit chat around me I was turning my dream into reality and memories.
The stop /start of the rds far more frequent than London, the heat 72 degs were not unexpected but were factors that hindered a constant pace.

I walked with 2 New Yorkers for a while and then we were joined by Marie & Linda 2 fellow English Walkers and for about 6 miles Steve – he was a New Yorker on a night out who joined us an impromptu tour guide, chatting laughing and asking very amused passers by if they had a spare bra – so he could join us!!!! I’m guessing when he woke up Sunday morning it would take a while to work out why he ached so much, as he did most of his 6 miles jogging backwards, and why he had photos of random women in bras on his phone!!!

Chatting with Linda and Marie the miles, the sights, the time sped by, music discarded ( shock horror) the volunteers / Marshalls encouraging, and the map only made ONE appearance!!

The tired aching legs surprisingly didn’t materialise – although as ever I was pleased to take my trainers off! Anticipating tiredness with jet lag I had changed my training regime, doing long walks before Zumba classes and on days after Zumba and Metafit so I knew I could walk and exercise with and through tiredness and aching muscles (Thank you Joani xx)

The Intrepid lit pink was fabulous (a real Edinbra castle moment) the locals as I have found at every MoonWalk, a little surprised, amused and thankful, interested and supportive (when they realise why!) to see women (and men) in their bras.

As ever the sight of the (still) pink tent was so welcoming, the medal fab, the hug rewarding, the thought of bed and of course Champagne hugely anticipated and turning a dream into memories AMAZING!!!

New York was in 9 years my 12th full Moonwalk, my 21st marathon and my 34th event and it sees me marching towards another goal, another dream………………………..


Interested in joining us in 2015, why not register your interest here!

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