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Monthly Walker Story: Adina Crawford Gets It Done!


In this Monthly Walker Story, learn all about why participant Adina Crawford decided to walk.

What inspired me do this phenomenal event was my own fortitude and dedication to help others  in a way that I know would make a difference. I made no reservations about signing up, posting the info to  social media and spreading the word to co-workers that I was doing something that was meaningful and supportive. Where can you go and do all those things and still reap the benefit of exercising and having fun?

When I wrote my story and attached it to my personal Facebook page I immediately had supporters come out and say, “We want to help!”  As soon as I raised the amount of money that I needed, I booked my transportation and accommodations and didn’t think twice about traveling over 500 miles to embark on a journey to help others get the care and services they needed. The event was something I wanted to do no matter how far I had to travel.

Upon my arrival to Randall’s Island it was like walking into a large dollhouse. I saw women and men from all walks of life there for one reason or another. The feeling was exhilarating, rewarding and just simply breathtaking. As I walked around to the different areas that were set up, I took various photos that captured the moment of happiness.

What I found to be extremely invigorating was a group of women from the NY run group affiliate with an organization nationally known as BGR (Black Girls Run). I, being alone, immediately went up to them and introduced myself. They all gave me a heartwarming reception. As my 13.1 mile journey started I met so many amazing women that were affected by the disease, knew someone who was affected or they were walking for the same reason as I was – to HELP.

It was a night to remember from the residents who cheered us on as we walked by, to the huge support staff from Walk the Walk and the Law Enforcement officials who were there throughout the entire night. I am excited about Walking again this year!

Lastly, the individuals that inspire me are two ladies that have played a role in my life through growth, leadership and development of my professional skills.

betsy1 8x10Caption: Assistant Chief Betsy Davis- Montgomery County Department of Police

Betsy Davis was not only my Assistant Chief at one point in my career in the Police Department she was also my District Commander when I was assigned in another district. Her support with the loss of my mom, then my dad, was amazing. Besides being a natural leader she showed me that being a role model, and doing something to help others, is just as rewarding as participating. When I told Betsy that I was doing this event she was my biggest supporter.  She was my personal cheer squad through the event as I checked in at different times during the walk.

Adina1Lisa Roberts (wearing BGR shirt) – BGR Germantown Run Coordinator

Lisa Roberts is an encouraging, supportive, tolerant and motivating run coordinator. Whenever I tell her I am doing an event other than running, she always provides an encouraging word, brainstorming ideas that get you as an individual to think things out before taking any action regardless what the situation is. It is simply wonderful when individuals inspire you without knowing and in the end you can thank them for making you a stronger, wiser, motivating and more self-sufficient person.  Important people are important for a reason and they remain in your life for many reasons.

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