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Monthly Walker Story: Tonya says ‘Lets Do It Anyway’

 In this Monthly Walker Story, learn all about why participant Tonya Knights decided to walk.

My name is Tonya Knights and I’m so excited to be traveling to join you all for the MoonWalk NYC on July 26,2014. I wanted to give you all a little encouragement & let you know that, if you believe in yourself, no matter what your ability, guess what…YOU WILL get to where you want to be in life & in this case YOU WILL complete your MoonWalk.

I would love to share my story with you & hopefully you will feel a little inspired and encouraged to feel empowered to achieve your goal/s no matter what they are, after all, it doesn’t matter how far we go in life, it’s how we get there that matters…

I’m founder of UK based non-profit Charity ‘Lets Do It Anyway‘. I’m a firm believer that if we choose to focus on the outcome we want, with determination we can overcome adversity & get to where we want to be in life.  With this in mind our mission is to promote Social & Equality Inclusion for children & adults of all ages.  We provide mobility equipment, services & facilities to encourage people to get active, feel empowered & socially included.  We raise funds by encouraging everyone we meet to feel empowered to achieve a challenge or take part in events!

As a child I was a good athlete, however at the age of 14 I was given just 3 weeks to live after being diagnosed with Lupus (SLE), which caused Heart, Lung & Kidney failure & resulted in the removal of my left lung and I was very lucky to be given the ‘Gift of Life’ in the form of a kidney transplant.  Luckily, from a very young age, I decided to focus on the results I want, so shortly after my transplant, I once again started training hard in athletics & went on to represent Team GB in the World Transplant Olympics.  23 years after my Transplant Gift, in 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  As many of you reading this are aware, hearing that awful ‘C’ word is a devastating blow, however, as always I choose to focus on something positive, so I decided to launch a Charity in memory of many lovely people I have met over the years who have also received the ‘Gift of Life’ in the form of a Transplant, sadly, many are no longer with us.  However, they all have one thing in common and that is a ‘Lets Do It Anyway‘ attitude.

I can’t wait to ‘walk the walk‘ with you all, to encourage YOU all and celebrate 4 years post ‘The C word’ in style!  In the words of the fabulous actress Audrey Hepburn & motto at the recent Winter ParalympicsNothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m, Possible” & I completely believe that YOU are all possible, YOU can achieve your goals. YOU WILL complete your MoonWalk in July.  Keep working out & always ‘Believe to Achieve and remember that ‘Inspiration is Everywhere’….Lets continue to raise awareness & funds to eliminate the awful disease and ‘Kick Cancer’s Butt’… YOU, yes YOU are amazing and don’t you forget it!

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