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MoonWalk New York City: A Note From Nina!

Hello MoonWalker!

This is it…the BIG night is only 2 sleeps away, so I hope you are feeling fit,  fired up and ready to take on The MoonWalk New York City – Saturday July 26th!

As the Walk the Walk Team are now all on Randall’s Island and busy preparing MoonWalk City, now is a good time to welcome all those of you  coming from other countries including a big team from the UK, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Canada and of course all those coming from outside of New York!  If you are not already here, you will all be heading this way soon, the big apple is very excited and so are we, so on behalf of all, Welcome to New York!

And it’s all beginning to happen, last night we held our Volunteer Briefing.  WOW what a gathering of just very lovely big hearted people all donating a night to help you all reach the Finish Line, what an amazing Team!

Plus I can officially report that the weather is looking pretty good and just perfect for MoonWalking in your Broadway bra!

Whooa…And what about your fundraising…Oh my, all you gorgeous people have so far raised an incredible $512,347 which is ahead of this time last year, but keep it going!  Wouldn’t it be just amazing to reach a magical $750,000? We can do it!  If you need help on how to increase your fundraising, give us a call or why not…

Try this…

Send a message to all your friends and family asking for a small donation to get them to guess how long it will take you to complete the challenge…the winner can get a prize, maybe something donated from a local store…a cake or something delicious…it all adds up!

Or this…

Keep people up to date with what you are doing and especially on the night!  Text and post on social media as it encourages people to be involved and may earn you a few more dollars when they see how well you are doing or share it with their friends!

Broadway has never looked quite like this before…so share your Excitement!

Give us a shout-out on Twitter/Instagram at @WalktheWalk or on Facebook, and tell us what you’re doing to prepare in your final week using #MoonWalkNYC

Now back to the Walking…..

With only days to go we have lots of last minute news, information and tips for a fantastic night that we want to share with you, so read on….

What to Wear…and Bring

Saturday is looking dry, not too hot!  It is currently showing a high of 86º and a low of 71º a  mix of sun and high cloud during the day and possibly a chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms overnight and into Sunday morning…All Walkers can pick up a rain poncho at MoonWalk City to pop in your Bum Bag /Fanny Pack just in case!

Your Final Information Guide has all the MoonWalk information you need, but here are some tips and reminders of items to bring!

  • Wear Your Decorated Bra, of Course!
  • Wear Black leggings/shorts – Track pants, jeans, etc… are not suitable since the seams will rub and be very uncomfortable .
  • Wear Walk the Walk T-shirt – Use this to travel to and from the event in…unless you really want to travel in your bra!
  • Also don’t forget to bring a change of clothes as you may get very hot and sweaty out on the course!
  • Wear Your Sneakers – Please use the ones that you have been training in; now is not the time to wear new shoes.
  • Wear Your Walk the Walk America Hat – Please do try to wear it for your own safety, your hat has reflective strips, so again good for making you very visible not only to the traffic but to us as well!  White for Full Moon; Blue for Half Moon.
  • (Please note that the information in your Final Information Pack does state it is the other way around but due to an error by our packing company…whoops it has been changed)
  • Bring Your Heat Sheet – This reflecting sheet will help you remain visible to traffic and our Staff and Volunteers through the night; don’t forget tie it onto your Bum Bag/ Fanny Pack.
  • Bring a Bum Bag / Fanny Pack – Keep your hands free and keep cool so make sure you have yours packed with all the little things that you will need on the walk such as lip balm, tissues, $20 just in case, camera, power bars, blister pack, wet wipes and anything else you need  that will fit!
  • Bring Your Empire BlueCross BlueShield drawstring bag – These bags are ideal for stowing all the items that you will need when you get back from your walk.
  • Bring a change of Socks – if your feet get very hot and sweaty, it can cause blisters.  A change of socks at half way might be just what you need.
  • Drink Water – Continually sip as you walk rather than gulping large quantities (this will only make you want to visit the toilet!)
  • Most importantly ….don’t forget your Walker Number.  No Walker Number, No Admission!
  • If you have not received your pack or your Walker Number is missing please go to the Information Desk when you arrive at MoonWalk City. We can replace it, but you will need photo ID.  You can also contact the team at or 212-488-6560…. Remember that only MoonWalkers can have access to MoonWalk City!


If ever you wanted to be a Broadway Star…Well this is your chance, go wild go wonderful and create something amazing, interesting, funny or weird whatever takes your fancy…boys that’s you too!

Travelling to MoonWalk City is easy.  Check out a special offer!

We have Complimentary Shuttle Service from Manhattan to Randall’s Island.  There is limited parking on Randall’s Island so we strongly recommend using this service, both shuttles will depart from 2 locations in Manhattan and are for Walkers only:

  • 7:30pm – 8:30pm: Grand Central Station (42nd Street between Lexington and Park Avenue)
  • 125th Street and Lexington Avenue

The bus will depart when it is full.

  • Want to save your energy and Uber it to The MoonWalk!? Then use our special discounts to save some money too!uber-logo
  • New Uber Users: Download the app and score $30 off on your ride to Randall’s Island or back home from our Manhattan shuttle stops with code: MoonWalk30
  • Current Uber Users:  Get 10% off on your ride to Randall’s Island and/or back home from our Manhattan shuttle stops with code: MoonWalk10

So What does MoonWalk City have in store for you?

Visit WalkWear the official Walk the Walk store…you will find us just inside MoonWalk City.  We will have fun and useful goodies available for donation and purchase like tattoos, pins, bracelets, Bum Bags / Fanny Packs, water bottles and Finishers T shirts!…

The best part is that 100% of all the profits from WalkWear go back to the charity!

Get the Picture!

Thanks to Empire BlueCross BlueShield all Walkers will have the opportunity to get a photo taken with their teammates at MoonWalk City and the Finish Line!

Photos taken at MoonWalk City will be available for instant upload to social media and can be sent to you via email.  And there will also be a photographer at the Finish Line capturing the moment that will be available to you next week. **Make sure your Walker Number is visible: no number = no picture

Check out the New Route

This year the route is even better, so take a peek here…along your journey you can now take in the South side of Central Park, Columbus Circle and Park Avenue.   For locals and visitors, what a really wonderful and very special way to see Manhattan at night!  Don’t forget to look out for all our Marshalls who will be there to give you encouragement along the way!  Plus you will find plenty of toilets every 3 – 4 miles, water stops and just in case the odd blister looms, medical support!

Need a Good viewing spot for Friends and family?

We love supporters – the more the better!  Read on for the best spots to see the action… don’t forget to ask supporters to kindly not get in the path of our Walkers, so they don’t stop the action!

  • Mile 4.5: 60th Street and York Avenue
  • Mile 5.5 (Half Moon only): 57th Street and 5th Avenue
  • Mile 7.75 (Half Moon) and Mile 20.5 (Full Moon):  59th Street and Broadway,  Columbus Circle
  • Mile 16.5 (Full Moon only): 72nd Street and Riverside Drive

Last Call out to all Volunteers…We need you!

We still need a few more Volunteers.  If you have friends, family, neighbors who are not doing anything this weekend and would like to join a fantastic team of very lovely big hearted people that will be helping you and all the other MoonWalkers reach the Finish Line, then please pass our details on and have them reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at and we will get them signed up!

Anything else you need to know….

Almost everything you need to know from when… where… and how…can be found either in your Information Guide or on our FAQs – so take a look.  Again, if you need a question answered by the Walk the Walk team, you can always reach us or 212-488-6560.

Finally, on behalf of all the Walk the Walk America Team, the Walk the Walk Team coming from the UK, all our Partners and of course our Volunteers we all wish you a wonderful and very special MoonWalk!

Well that’s it for now; keep an eye on the website and Facebook for any updates and news!

Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer.

We can’t wait to see you!





Nina Barough
CBE, Founder and Chair of Trustees
Walk the Walk America

P.S. Don’t forget we can accept fundraising a the Help Desk at MoonWalk City, but  it is best to mail it to  Walk the Walk America in  the envelope provided in the pack…please remember not to send cash through the post!

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