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MoonWalk New York City: Are You Ready To Cross the Finish Line?

Taking on a Walk the Walk challenge of this type is 65% mental and 35% physical; and at this stage we can often become our own worst enemies, it is only natural that doubts start to creep in such as, ‘am I fit enough?’ ‘have I trained enough’ or ‘will I let my team down?’ so staying calm and positive are essential and your  mental attitude is becomes an important tool towards achieving your goal. Any goal takes courage, whether you are attempting 3 miles for the first time or taking on The MoonWalk New York City marathon/half marathon. You have seen it before, but just to remind you again, follow these steps, and you have every chance to go all the way to the finish line and beyond with a smile on your face!

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. – Tommy Lasorda

In this final week of preparation as you let your body rest from the 20 mile or 10 mile long walks, spend a moment to think on this!

  1. Stepping Stone Goals – Whichever challenge you have chosen, don’t look at it as a daunting task, break it down in your mind and begin to view it as 1 mile 26  or 13 times. By breaking the goal down into manageable and more importantly, achievable sections, not only will you feel in control, you will be empowered by successes as you complete each mile on your way to the Finish Line!
  1. Affirmations – If you feel yourself beginning in to get tired, try repeating short affirmations. These are short positive phrases that you can repeat to yourself again and again, amazingly, your mind will very quickly begin to believe them. Affirmations must always be said in the present tense as though you have already achieved your goal, and can be thought or said out loud. Try walking to the rhythm of ‘I’m on my way to the Finish Line, I’m going to get there in very good time’ you will be amazed at how just doing this can perk you up.
  1. Creative Visualization – As you walk along enjoy everything around you and imagine how you see yourself finishing create the exact story of how you see yourself crossing the Finish Line and receiving your medal. Imagine how you feel…just make it as real as you can …but don’t forget to enjoy the moment as well!
  1. Raise Money, Raise Awareness, Get fit and Have FUN – Just imagine with every step you take, not only are you conquering a personal challenge, but by supporting Walk the Walk, many many people you don’t even know are going to benefit from the money that you raise. While you are having fun, with every step you will make a significant difference to vital breast cancer causes.

Some last minute tips!

  • One Week Before the BIG Day – Half Mooners and Full Mooners make sure you are stretching and relaxing this week. Be sure to walk your 3-miles this week on the training days you should walk and on other days just take it easy. Don’t forget to try to cut out alcohol which is dehydrating and drink plenty of water each day so that you are hydrated, eat clean food and sleep well :o)
  • Two Days to Go! – Avoid any aerobic activity, stop drinking any alcohol if you have not already done so, it  can make a big difference to how comfortably you feel, drink can make you feel sluggish so that is the last thing you want… save it for the celebration! Try to avoid any rich or spicy foods, check that you have understood all your participants information, get all the necessary items for your bum bag (fanny pack) and relax and visualize yourself wearing that medal!

Only 7 days and counting …have a good week!

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