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Stacy Reminisces About The MoonWalkNYC!

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What influenced your decision to register for The MoonWalk NYC 2014?

My decision to ‘Walk Walk the Walk” was influenced by my family; the team leader being my Aunt Karen. She rallied us all together to be a team and do something good for a cause that meant a lot to each and every one of us. Each team member has a story to tell; wether it’s a fight of their own, or a fight of somebody close to them. In this day and age, unfortunately the ongoing fight for Cancer, Breast Cancer, ANY Cancer is very real and all too familiar to all of us. Personally I have lost family members: Grandmother, two Grandfathers and more recently my Uncle to this devastating disease. I’ve also had one of my closest childhood friends go through breast cancer at the age of 29 which is so frightening — the realization of not being invincible, the “oh it won’t happen to me” attitude seems ridiculous and now, a little irresponsible. I’m happy to say she if fighting fit and strong. She is a great ambassador for the cause too, somebody who definitely inspired me; her positivity and her ongoing tireless campaign of raising awareness. I would have loved her to be in our team too, I know she would have provided some laughs along the way, but she is back in the UK doing her bit over the pond! !

We would love to know, what are your training secrets?
I love my running, so a lot of training for the ‘walk’ was combined with my runs and a good few walks around the block. However, what I would say, is that running is completely DIFFERENT from walking 13 miles! I was a little naive thinking my running fitness would more than cover the training for the half marathon, but it really wasn’t. Ladies, my advice would be to walk and walk and put a little bit MORE walking in your training! !

What are your biggest fundraising tips to share with other Walkers?
My advice for fundraising is to put the ‘fun’ in fundraise! There are so many ways to raise the money, yes through social media, promoting it on Facebook and the like. But fun events like cake sales, charity nights, quiz night and raffles; even down to raising awareness through your workplace which worked so well for many of our team members and really made people rally around and support what we were doing, which was great.

What was your most memorable MoonWalk NYC 2014 moment? Who was a part of Team Breast Friends Forever and did you have any Team Bonding moments to get hyped for the big event?
The atmosphere on the night was overwhelming, hearing all the stories at the beginning of the night was really inspiring and really made you feel pumped for what you were about to do and be part of. Each person that “walked” were clearly having fun and had made such a huge effort with all their bra designs and costumes. The excitement in the air was pretty electric, you felt a huge amount of love and support for one another which made you feel part of an overall team,which I loved. Our team Breast Friends Forever were fantastic, we had so much fun together, we helped boost each other’s moral when the going got tough (around mile 9!) and really bonded as we crossed that line and achieved what we did on the night. One of my favorite memories was our “DIY bra” night, we all sat around with a couple of glasses of wine, nibbles and a huge amount of sequins, glitter and glitz. What we managed to produce in those few hours over a few laughs and a lot of GLUE was stunning! We were all really proud of our designs and enjoyed the DIY night. So much so, we’ve continued the theme of DIY nights, but i!t’s not always about the bras!

I can’t wait to be part of it all again next year. !

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