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Big thanks to Mommybites for introducing us to so many wonderful women….and a few good men at the Ultimate Moms’ Night Out! It was the first snow of the year, but that doesn’t stop New Yorkers. In fact, the snowflakes just added to the magic at The New Yorker Hotel… where baby bumps weren’t the only bumps to be found. The Walk the Walk America Team was there with their bra marked shirts, inspired by the women and men who shared their motivation for joining the fight against breast cancer and expressed their interest in The MoonWalk New York City 2014. Our participants’ passion is the very ethos of The MoonWalk, and it wouldn’t happen without the thousands of women and men who are willing to bear their shimmering, decorated bras on the moonlit streets of Manhattan. To all who were able to attend, we look forward to seeing each and every one of you this July…and congratulations to all the mothers-to-be!

Participant Representative, Jana Steele, sharing the life-changing work of The MoonWalk New York City.

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