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Walker Story: Shahmet Shares Her Journey at the MoonWalk!

We want to hear from you! Please write us to share your story on our blog at info@walkthewalkamerica. Shahmet inspires us with her journey through The MoonWalk New York City.


When I started the half marathon journey, I knew that I would be venturing outside of a few comfort zones. I had to be disciplined with my training, I had to fundraise, I would be doing this walk while wearing only a bra on top, and I would have to actually decorate this bra. The training wasn’t so bad. I did have a regimen that I mainly stuck to & I pushed through various weather conditions that would normally have stopped me. I had a modest fundraising goal and my awesome family and friends made surpassing it a breeze. (Thanks, y’all. I’m not a crafty chick. I asked my daughter to come help me decorate. We had family night; I ordered pizza, the children looked at my supplies & laughed at me. After much questioning and some Google searches, we decided on a theme. The princess decorated one cup & left me to finish the job. So, here I am sewing stuff to cover my cleavage, contemplating adding sparkling, dangly things to hide my jelly belly and my son, the prophet speaks. He asked why I registered for an event that stipulated walking in a bra and then tried to add on things to cover up. (Was I body shaming myself?) I remembered why I was walking & put an end to the decorating stress.

I finally made it to the night of the event, which started on Randall’s Island. I had the feeling that it would be better to walk with a group. Spirit is such a guide that I was led to approach two sisters who were also waiting for the bus. They were not with a team either & welcomed me to walk with them. Best trio ever! After a short but interesting bus ride, we arrived. 

Walkers were greeted with a band upon entering the arena. What made this a truly great experience were the people. I was amazed by the creativity exhibited. There were feathers, rhinestones, tutus, lights, adinkra symbols, fishnets, wigs, hats, wings, Wonder Twins, Harry Potterish costumes, super heroes, a rainbow of colors, chiffon, furry leggings, and so much more.

The diversity of participants also impressed me because there were people of all ages, genders, races, and physical abilities represented. Along the route, walkers expressed concern for each other; nobody was left behind. The volunteers, and even some of the cops, were encouraging and upbeat throughout the entire event. Some of the evening highlights included the following:

The route itself was beautiful, Randall’s island was scenic. We walked across a bridge and down the East River Esplanade. We got to window shop when we cut across 57th Street. We also skirted Central Park for a while and strolled up Park Avenue. We were mad hyped coming along the FDR drive. Drivers were honking & we were waving and screaming. The young dudes walking with us were hilarious. The Dominican girls had music. (Yes!) When we were starting to drag, the rats came out to cheer us on. That translated into a huge burst of energy as we ran down the block.

All in all, it was a great adventure. I’m proud of myself and all the other walkers. I can’t wait for next year!


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