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Walker Story: Tracy Shares Her Experience at MoonWalk NYC 2014

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We want to hear from you! Please write us to share your story on our blog at info@walkthewalkamerica. Walker Story: Tracy delights us with her experience at The MoonWalk New York City.

What influenced your decision to register for The MoonWalk NYC 2014?

We are four friends from Oban on the west coast of Scotland. We had taken up walking and had done several charity events in and around our area. Each one of us have all had experiences of cancer within our families, and when we decided to do The Moonwalk New York City, it just sounded to us like the place to go. We trained most evenings and weekends, in the wind rain and sometimes sunshine. Here in Scotland our countryside is lush and green, because it is well WATERED.

If you could have walked the Walk with anyone on July 26th, who would it have been?

If I could have walked with anyone, as much as I love my girls, it would be Bruce Springsteen.  I have loved both him and his music since I was 12 years old. His music is the soundtrack to my life. I walk with him, run with him, relax with him; he is my happy place and always makes the bad days better. I have pictured in my head for years all the places he sings about, so he had made me familiar with your city long before I got to see it for myself.  He is a very genuine person and has got me through many dark days and I hope he keeps on rocking for many more years.


We would love to know, what are The Rack Pack’s training secrets? 

Our training secret is very simple. We chat from start to finish. We have fun no matter the weather. Each one of us has a very different personality but it works, and we are a great team.

What are The Rack Pack’s biggest fundraising tips to share with other Walkers?

Our fundraising tip would be to try to get your local newspaper involved, they did a piece for us with a picture and it helped a great deal.

What was your most memorable MoonWalk NYC 2014 moment?

Our most memorable moment was nearing the end of The MoonWalk NYC.  As we approached Park Avenue, a very handsome NY policeman said to us “ Welcome to Park Avenue ladies not long to go now and well done”. That really perked us up as we were really feeling it by then.

Aside from The MoonWalk NYC, how else did you spend your time in NYC before returning to Scotland?

The rest of our time in New York we spent seeing as much as we could cram in. We had fabulous meals, had a blast on the sightseeing bus, walked the Highline, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Staten Island Ferry; you name it we did it. We never wasted any time and loved every minute of it. We are all saving hard so we can return next year. 4 days in NYC is not enough but we filled it and can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for having us we loved it!

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THE RACK PACK: Tracy, Dixie, Christine, Sylvia


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