Tip #4 – A Training Plan

When you enter one of our challenges we will send you a comprehensive training booklet. This covers everything from diet, tips on footwear, how to warm up and also our training plans.

These plans have been put together by Nina who has had years of experience and has succeeded in helping over 437,000 walkers train for our challenges and cross the Finish Line - from 5K distances to the '4 marathons in 4 days' at the Nijmegen Marches and everything in between.

So we would say that they are exactly what you need to help you attain the level of fitness you need to reach your chosen goal.

When should I start training?
The plans linked below give just a taste of what you should be doing now and will also allow you to start training ahead of receiving your Training Guide. The full plan is 12 weeks in length and is an ideal starting point for those who feel that they are of normal fitness levels. However if you are just starting a fitness program, we would suggest adding on a few weeks before hand.

A very rough guide
Training for The MoonWalk New York City 2015 should start for a normally fit person in July. If you are taking part in the Full Marathon and you are "unfit", then start a few weeks prior to the full training plan using the starting weeks of the half marathon program. If you are doing the half marathon, just repeat the first few weeks of the half marathon training plan.

Full Marathon Training Guide
To use this plan you must be able to walk 3 miles at a constant and steady pace of approximately 18 - 20 minutes per mile. If you are not quite ready, start with the first weeks of the Half Marathon training plan. See grid here The goal is to complete 14 minute miles , or less, and complete a Marathon in approximately 6 hours.

Half Marathon Training Guide
To use this plan you must be able to walk 2 miles at a constant pace of 18-20 minutes per mile. If you are not able to do this yet, start with walking as far as you can until you are up to 2 miles and then repeat the first week as many times as necessary. The goal is to complete a Half Marathon in 3 hours - walking approximately 13-15 minute miles. See grid here